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02 August 2023

(20–21 December 2023, Baku, Azerbaijan)

Dedicated to the memory of Ziya Musa oghlu Bunyadov, Hero of the Soviet Union and full member of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences.


Academician Ziya Bunyadov was a medievalist historian and the founder of the Azerbaijani school of Arabic studies. His scientific activity developed in two directions: the study of the history of the feudalism period of the Near and Middle Eastern countries and the research, explanatory translation, and publication of the works of medieval authors on the history, science, and culture of the Near and Middle Eastern peoples.

14 June 2023

.                                                                             ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                            .

October 29, 2023 will be the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. This anniversary is a historical event that is a source of pride not only for Turkey, but for the entire Turkish and Islamic world. The Republic of Turkey is a democratic, secular, social and legal state that respects human rights in terms of national solidarity and justice, and is loyal to Atatürk's nationalism.

27 March 2023

The Institute of Oriental Studies named after academician Z. Bunyadov of ANAS and the Center for Strategic Studies of the Republic of Iraq jointly organizes an international scientific conference “HeydarAliyev and the modern East” dedicated to the Azerbaijani National Leader HeydarAliyev, on the occasionof the 100th anniversary of his birth

07 May 2022

The Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academician Z.M.Bunyadov organizes an international scientific conference “Mirza Kazembek – 220” on September 20, 2022, on the occasion of 220th anniversary of Mirza Kazembek, who was a prominent orientalist and educator, one of the first Azerbaijani members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and one of the founders of Russian oriental studies, the member of the Royal Asiatic Society, and the first dean of the Faculty of Oriental Languages of the Saint Petersburg University.

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