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Faced with the necessity of studying major aspects of social, political, economic, literary and cultural development of Central Asian and Far Eastern countries, an appropriate Department was set up in 2011under the Institute of Oriental Studies. This was accounted for by the necessity was studying ever growing political, economic and cultural ties between Azerbaijan and some Central Asian and Far Eastern countries. This circumstance made it necessary to create the said Department under the Institute of Oriental Studies.

To cope with tasks arising from profile and research themes and lines of development, there was a problem of attracting specialists in History, Language and Literature from China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Kirghizia. Proceeding from its research papers and cadre potentialities, the Department accomplishes its research papers activity within the framework of international relations, globalization and cultural ties.

The Department has two researchers specializing in studying relations between Azerbaijan and People’s Republic of China. Head of the Department Rafiq Abbasov and Ulker Aliyeva carried out research work on China’s history and present state of the country and thereby opened up a new line in Azerbaijani Oriental Studies. In considering a small number of Sinologists in the Republic, results of Department researchers’ activity in Sinology may highly be appreciated.

Thus, in 2013 a monograph by R. Abbasov “Ilham Aliyev – a present-day continuer of the friendship between the ancient peoples” (Baku, 2013) was issued in China in Chinese. The monograph narrates about modern level of Azerbaijani-Chinese relations, President Aliyev’s contribution to the development of political, diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between the two countries. The Department carries out translations of important aspects of Azerbaijan’s life into Chinese. This includes a translation of President Aliyev’s inauguration speech into Chinese. Also, a “Pictured Azeri-Chinese glossary” for Sinologists of the same author was issued in Baku (2006).

Worthy of note is U. Aliyeva’s research work “The US-Chinese relations (earlier 21 century)”. Devoted to the study of bilateral relations between the two countries, the work shows the influence of the two key actors on global processes worldwide. Note that U. Aliyeva’s research papers on various aspects of the US-Chinese relations have been published in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

At present, one of the main lines of Department’s activity is the research into cultural and literary traditions of Central Asian Turkic-language peoples and their cultural relations with Azerbaijan. Of interest is T. Hashimova’s research work on Azerbaijani-Central Asian poetic ties titled “A bridge of poetry” (Baku, 2004), as well as about 50 research papers on the history of literary relations issued both in Azerbaijan and abroad. Researcher’s works were translated into the English, Russian, Kirghiz languages. T. Hashimova attended international forums, congresses, conferences in Turkey, Iran, Northern Cyprus, Turkmenistan and Kirghizstan to propagandize the Azerbaijani science and culture. The researcher goes on working in the field of Philology, issuing numerous research papers. These include “Chingiz Aytmatov in Azerbaijani-Kirghizstan literary relationship: Universal ideas and Nationality”; ”Sovet doorunda zhana egemendik mezgilinde Azerbaijan-Kirghizstan adabiy baylanysh taryngagy Aytmatovdun Kerkem onoru zhana insanity”; ”Classic Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi and questions of language and style in his “Khosrov ve Shirin”poem in Uzdek Turkik translation”; “Creative mutual relations and parallels: Chingiz Aytmatov and Bahtiyar Vahabzadeh”; “The Turkic unity in the Literature of Turkic peoples of Azerbaijan and Central Asia in the Soviet times”.

A Department’s short-term activity and a little work having been done notwithstanding, the researchers are eager to improve their professional skills and knowledge. Thus, U. Aliyeva defended a doctoral thesis to get a doctor’s degree in Philosophy. T.Hashimova is attending doctoral courses; young Q. Kazimov is toiling at state-religion relations in Indonesia; G. Sultanova – methodological aspects of globalization in the Islamic world. Department’s researchers are improving their professional skills and knowledge, leaving on business trips abroad to attend international conferences and symposiums.

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