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In 1966, a separate group, later independent “Turkish philology” department was set up under the “Literature of Eastern peoples” department of The Institute of Oriental Studies after Z.M.Buniyadov ANAS. The department “Turkish philology” played an important role in the development of Turkological studies in the Republic. ANAS Academician, Honored Scientist of the Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan Republics, honorary member of the Turkish language society, Jordan royal society and Iraqi Academy of Sciences H.Arasly was the first head of the department.

In the 1970s, Academician H.Arasly authored research papersally significant articles including those on creative work of the Turkish poets Gulshahri and Tofig Fikret “Tofig Fikret and the literature of Azerbaijan”, “The first translator of Nizami Ganjavi”, “Gulshahri and Ganjali Nizami”, “Influence of Tofig Fikret on Azerbaijan”.

Acad.H.Arasly laid an emphasis on the analysis of creative work of ancient written monuments and Turkish-language poets, created comprehensive research works on the subject. Proceeding from newly discovered sources, the scholar analyzed and brought to the wide range of readers the literary heritage of Nizami, Nasimi, Khatai, Fuzuli, Navoi etc. He retraced these poets’ impact on the oriental poetry and literature, made a great contribution to the specification of their place in the literature of Turkic peoples. Worthy of note is the department’s active participation, under H.Arasly’s leadership, in jubilee festivities dedicated to the creative work of world-famed poets Nizami, Nasimi, Navoi, Fuzuli, etc.

Acad.H.Arasly issued valuable research works titled “The life of the Poet”, “Imadaddin Nasimi”, “Khagani Shirvani”, etc. Besides, the scholar was a compiler of “Kitabi-Dede Qorqud”, “Works of M.P.Vagif”, “Alisher Navoi”, “Works of Khatai”, “Azerbaijani dastans”, etc.

Acad.H.Arasly harshly rebuffed researchers denying the ancient origin of the Azerbaijani literature and distorting heritage of Azerbaijani poets by writing “Open letter to Firuz Mahsuri”, “Open letter to Orkhan Shaik”. He authored “Fuzuli in the Arabic literature”, “A new work about the history of our literature”, “Near-far Turkey”.

Acad.H.Arasly always concentrated on the study into Azeri-Turkish literature worldwide. The scholar headed researchers’ activity in developing various aspects of the Turkish literature. Thus, expert in aruz A.Jafar defended a thesis and gained a title of Doctor of sciences. It should be noted that PhD in Philology A.Jafar’s “Theoretical principles of aruz and Azerbaijani aruz as compared with Arabic Persian, Tajic, Turkish and Uzbek” Doctor thesis proved to be a fundamental work on theoretical problems of the Oriental literature. A thorough and in-depth research into complexities and subtleties of aruz, the dissertation was later published as a monograph.

During Acad.H.Arasly’s office, department’s nine researchers defended their candidate thesis, and six of them (A.Abiyev, H.Quliyeva-Qafqazly, S.Qasimly, etc.) were advised by Hamid Arasly. As a general, the department carried out research work over the Turkish literature, analyzed various aspects of the issue. Based on various forms of literary and theoretical analysis, the department’s researchers thrashed out the distinctive features of the Turkish folklore, classic literature and progressive concepts of poets in the 19-20 centuries, life and creativity of writers, development processes in the literature, influence of literary criticism journals on democratization of literature, research into literary ties. A greater part of candidate thesises covered trends in the post 19 century period, innovations in the Turkish literature and specifically Turkish prose, social, political and literary development processes.

The department’s research work aroused interest in Turkey proper in theoretical principles of the literature. Suffice it to cite candidate theses having been defended in Azerbaijan and Turkey. These are as follows: A.Ahmedov’s thesis devoted to the analysis of novels of Rashad Nuri Guntekin; G.Quliyeva’s analysis of peasantry’s question in the Turkish prose after the Second World War; V.Nasiboglu’s research into Orkhan Khanjarlioglu’s creativity; A.Abiyev’s analysis of life and creative work of Omar Seyfeddin; A.Qurbanov’s study into Abdulhag Hamidi’s  dramaturgy; M.Gulmaliyev’s research of “Sarvati-funun” magazine history; H.Quliyeva-Qafqazly’s investigation of Qarajaoglan’s creative work; M.Hatemi’s “Analysis of Turkish fairy tales written in poetical form”; B.Osmanova’s study into Malih Jovdet Anday’s heritage; S.Qasimly’s research into Khaldun Taneri’s prose; A.Nahmedov’s analysis of the Turkish folks theater; Z.Hashimov’s study of syllable meter of oriental poems.

Nowadays research work under the leadership of PhD in Philology H.Quliyeva-Qafqazly into the Turkish literature and language is underway.

Doctor of Philology A.Abilov was regularly engaged in analyzing various problems of the Turkish literature and Azerbaijani-Turkish literary ties. He laid an emphasis on “Historical questions of the Turkish theater and dramaturgy”, “The Life and Creativity of Omar Seyfeddin, founder of the National story and narratives”, “Development of satiric genre in the Turkish literature and ties with the Azerbaijani literature”, “Creative path of Ibragim Shinasi”. A.Abiyev authored numerous research papers “Above 50”; he is an author of “Satire in the Turkish literature”, “Fuzuli and the Turkish poetry”, “A Glossary of Proper names (I, II books)”, “Turkish Proper names (A Glossary of the Turkish-origin Proper names), “The History of the Turkish literature” (I, II volumes), “Ziya Gokalp”, “From Hasanoglu onwards” and “Sarvatifunun”.

Senior researcher of the department, Doctor of Philology, order of glory winner N.Arasly is the author of “Arif Ardabili and his Farkhadnameh poem” (1979), “Nizami and the Turkish literature” (1980), “Poetics of Nizami” (2004). The scholar wrote above 70 research papers and text-books on literature for VII and VIII forms.

At present, N.Arasly is finishing her research over “Epic poem in the Turkish divan literature” research work.

PhD in Philology H.Quliyeva-Qafqazly is engaged in studying the Turkish ashug literature. Her candidate thesis is devoted to the creative work of prominent ashug of the 17 century – “Golden period” of the Turkish ashug literature and was issued as an independent monograph (Baku, “Qarajaoglan”, 1985). She took an active part at the conferences and symposiums held in Turkey, Northern Cyprus and India where she made interesting reports in 1980. All her research papers reports were published in Turkey, Northern Cyprus and India.

Author of about 60 research papers on the Turkish ashug literature, H.Quliyeva-Qafqazly published in 2009 a monograph titled “Kitabi-Dede Qorqud in the Turkish literary criticism”. The research work deals with research works of Turkish literary critics M.Ergin, N.S.Banarly, O.Shaiq Gokyay and S.Hisarji devoted to the analysis of “Kitabi-Dede Qorqud”; writings about “DedeQorqud” published in “Turkish folklore studies” magazine. Nowadays, the researcher is completing a doctoral thesis on Turkish ashug literature.

H.Quliyeva-Qafqazly was awarded in 2009 by Turkey’s “Turkish popular culture studies” with a prize “For services to the Turkish popular culture”. At the same time, in 2008 on the occasion of the 50-anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the researcher was conferred to Certificate of Merit of the ANAS Presidium.

Author of numerous articles on the modern Turkish literature and literary ties, Q.Ismaylov’s “Guneshi ichenlerin turkusu” collected articles included poems of Nazim Hikmet, articles, poems dedicated to this Turkish poet, etc.

Literature-related themes hold a high position in the academic plan of the department. B.Osmanova and S.Qasymly published a joint monograph on the literary ties titled “Materials on Turkish literature research in the Azerbaijani press, 1920s”. Over 1998-2004, research workers B.Osmanova, S.Qasymly and E.Khalilova had been working over translation of “Saltuknameh” dastan by Abul-Kheyr Rumi (15 century). Three volume edition of the dastan appeared in 2007-2008.

Also, a monograph titled “Research study in” Maarif ve Madaniyyat” magazine was issued. Prepared for the publication is B.Osmanova’s translation “Tsarist Russia’s tricks in Turkey (Armenian question)”. Twenty articles were published in various magazines, reports delivered at international conferences.

At present, Kh.Q.Qafqazly, E.Khalilova, S.Qasimly and jointly with S.Gundogdu are currently engaged in translitering and translating 4-volume book of I.Hikmet’s “The History of Turkish Literature”. The first volume is ready for the publication. Research worker E.Khalilova published 12 articles and made reports at the international conferences. Today her monograph “Armenian atrocities in Turkey”is ready for the publication.

Today, research workers B.Osmanova and E.Khalilova are working over “Problems of Turkology in the Azerbaijani periodical press, 1900-1920”.

Author of a monograph “Fiction of Haldun Taner” and 20 research papers, S.Qasymly took part at the 9 international conferences held in Turkey and Azerbaijan. At present, the researcher jointly with A.Jafaroglu (editor) is preparing for the press a translation of “Turkey’s aim”. S.Qasymly translated and later published I.Bozdag’s “Ataturk’s spouse Latifa khanum” and H.Taner’s “Novels”.

Research worker R.Guliyev prepared for the press his monograph “East in the poetry of Nazim Hikmet”. He conducted research work over “A Genre of Historical novel in the Turkish literature of the second half of the 20 century”, “Dramatical creativity of Rashad Nuri Guntekin”, “A reflection of the social and political situation in the Turkish Republic in the prose of R.N.Guntekin”, “A reflection of the national liberation movement in the Turkish prose” (on the basis of writings of H.Adib and Y.Gadri). At present, R.Guliyev is analyzing the fiction and research papers creative work of A.H.Tanpinar. Also, he published “Anthology of Zangezur folklore”. About 20 research papers were published. The researcher completed his work over compilation of “Azerbaijan in the poetry of Nizami on the occasion of the 870 jubilee of great Azerbaijani poet and thinker N.Ganjavi” to comply with a decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev dated December 23, 2011. At present, R.Guliyev is working over collected articles titled “Turkish writers and Azerbaijan”.

PhD in Philology J.J.Beydilli, an expert in the history of medieval Turkish culture completed his monograph titled “A Place of Bektashilik in the History of Medieval Turkish culture and literature”.

It should be noted that young researchers are also making their contribution to the research papers plans of the department “Turkish Philology”. T.Hashimova’s dissertation “Influence of the Azerbaijani literature of the 20 century on the poetry of Central Asian peoples” was defended by the author for PhD in Philology. A monograph of T.Hashimova “A Bridge in the Poetry” was published.

E.Mamedova defended her dissertation work titled “The Role of Ottoman Turkey in the formation of the Turkish poetry of Modern Cyprus”. Since 2002 on, E.Mamedova attended various research papers conferences in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Iran, Moldova, etc. and made reports there. A great many of researcher’s articles were published abroad; her translations for Turkish into Azeri were also published. At present, the researcher is working over “Turkish poetry in the 1970s”.

Department’s researcher S.Gundogdu defended a dissertation work titled “Artistic personification of social problems in the creative work of Mehmet Akif Ersoy” and conferred a degree of PhD in Philology. Since 2003, S.Gundogdu attended numerous international conferences and symposiums in Turkey, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tatarstan and Azerbaijan, made reports there. M.A.Ersoy received a Certificate of Merit for his contribution to the research papers work and reports at international conferences, organization committee. In particular, he set up “A Turkish Culture Center after Yunus Emre”. His monograph “Artistic personification of social problems in the creative work of Mehmed Akif Ersoy” was published in 2002.

Poems and articles of B.Vahabzadeh “Loneliness in Glory”, “Question mark” and “Motherland, Nation and Native language” were translated into Turkish and published in this country. B.Yazgan’s “Rain birds” were translated into Azeri and published in Baku. S.Gundogdu published above 20 articles in research papers magazines in Azerbaijan and Turkey. At present, the researcher is working over his doctoral thesis titled “The role of press in the development of literary trends in Turkey, earlier 20 century (On the materials of Ikdam, Tanin, Sebulur-rashad, Turk Yurdu newspapers and journals)”.

Department’s researcher K.Alekperova defended her dissertation work titled “Ottoman Turkish elements in the Azerbaijani literary language later 19-earlier 20 centuries” and conferred to the degree of PhD of Philology. At the same time, the researcher attended numerous international conferences and symposiums in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, made reports there. Above 30 research papers of the researcher were published. Besides, the researcher has two books having been translated from Azeri into Turkish: Alisahib Erogul’s “Bones spilled into creek (Karabakh stories)” and M.Ozerov’s “Ilham Aliyev “I believe in my Azerbaijan”. At present, the researcher is working over her doctoral thesis titled “A question of analysis of Azeri and Turkish literary languages after gaining the Independence”.

Department’s researchers have published research papers in various editions – “Questions of the Turkish Philology”, “Research studies” and “Questions of the Oriental Philology”. Above 200 articles were published in Azerbaijani and Turkish journals from 2003-present. The researchers attended conferences and symposiums on questions of Turkology in Turkey, Egypt, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Cyprus, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Over the past 10 years, department’s researchers took part at 70 international symposiums and conferences to acquaint the research papers public with achievements of Azerbaijani oriental studies.

In general, over the whole period of activity, the department “Turkish Philology” has issued above 30 monographs, hundreds of articles, publicist works and translations dealing with topical problems of the Turkish literature.

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